It’s all about Heritage

heritage: something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor

We all have a heritage. It can include food, religion, traditions, or folklore. Take the idea of heritage and add it to your geography and you get the unique makeup of your clan, your tribe, your family.

Credit: Patch

I am an American of Italian descent from North Jersey. That makes for a very special group. My life has included Sunday dinners of macaroni, fish on Christmas Eve, and a long list of family stories. It was a special way to grow up. It made me proud of my heritage. We were taught to be American first, but to always remember where we came from and honor our heritage.

Growing up, that was the strongest feeling in my life. Multiple generations, telling stories and laughing… while, of course, driving each other crazy at the same time.

Over time, that older generation started to pass one by one. Each time one left us, I felt a little bit more of that heritage go away forever. Not long ago, I decided to not let that heritage that I loved growing up just fall to the wayside.

I chose to not just remember, but to live that heritage.

I hope you will join me on my journey to honor my heritage.