Author: Andrea

Managed by “Never forget where you came from…” I heard those words over and over growing up from several people in my family. I was taught to be a proud American. To work hard in school. To work hard in life. To be a good citizen. But to never forget where I came from. Where I came from was Newark, New Jersey. Born at Columbus Hospital and grew up in Belleville. My family is a proud group of Americans of Italian descent. I was always taught to put it that way. Not Italian-American. American of Italian descent. Because you were an American first. America is your current life. Italy is your heritage. I am very proud of that heritage. I hope you will join me as I share stories and information about growing up in North Jersey. About Sundays of family dinners over plates of macaroni. Of what it means to me to be of Italian heritage and how I am working to honor that heritage every day.