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The Italians of Newark: One Major Step Forward

Street sign of 7th Avenue and Cutler Street in the Old First Ward of Newark, NJ
Street sign of 7th Avenue and Cutler Street in the Old First Ward of Newark, NJ

Last night I hit a major milestone. The manuscript for my book, The Italians of Newark: A History, has been sent to the publisher, The History Press. While I am relieved that it has moved to the next step, I will admit I am quite terrified. I’ve been working on this project long before I was ready to shop it around; let alone have a publishing contract. There are a simple reasons for my concerns and they are related to the two mantras I’ve kept with me throughout the entire process.

Never Forget Where you Came From

I heard this phrase since I was a child, mostly from my Uncle Chubby. While I didn’t realize it at the time, that phrase has stayed with me throughout my life. As each member of my family passed away, I felt like I was losing a tangible part of me. I didn’t want to forget.

Do Justice to the Subject Material

It has been incredibly important to me I give the shared stories shared and information I collected the respect it deserves. I want to do justice to the subject material. My hope is someone will read the book once it is available and it will inspire them to do their own research and document their family stories.

One Step at a Time

I realize there is a lot more of work ahead of me to get to the finish line. But this was one huge step. I just need to continue to stay focused and take things one step at a time. To all of you who shared your family stories with me, I thank you. I’m honored you entrusted me

First thing I want to do right now, however, is get a full night’s sleep.

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