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The Little Black Book of Lent

Lent is a time of remembering the last 40 days of Jesus’ life before his death on the cross. It is a time of penitence and reflection for all of us, as we are all sinners. It is a time of asking for forgiveness from the Lord.

Now we all know individuals referred to as “A&P Catholics.” The ones who only go to church on Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday. While it is said in jest, there is also an opportunity for those who only attend mass a few times a year to renew their relationship with God.

As Americans of Italian descent, faith has always been a pivotal part of our culture. We pray to our patron saints. We work to live good lives. We attend mass.

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This year, I was gifted the Little Black Book of Lent by a neighbor. They were given out at her parish at the beginning of Lent and I am so happy she did! It is a simple way to read a passage from the Bible each day and allow you to think a little deeper about the preparation of Jesus’ death so our sins may be forgiven. A simple drawing of two individuals sitting and talking is at the end of the writing on several days throughout the booklet. Below the image it reads, “Spend some quiet time with the Lord.” It encourages you to not simply read the words on the page, but reflect on their meaning and how they apply to our daily lives. This simple prompt to actually sit and quietly think about the day’s teachings. It is not meant to just read the page or two of text and be done with it for the day. To take time out each day and really reflect on our faith and the meaning of the Lenten season.

So today, I encourage you to spend some quiet time with the Lord during this Lenten season. And if you are an A&P Catholic, I also encourage you to think about why you are drawn to church this time of year. Maybe it is an opportunity to renew your faith on a larger scale.

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