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Discovering Calabritto

I have written multiple times in the past about my family’s connection to Calabritto. I knew there were other descendants of those original immigrants out there like me, but I didn’t know where.

Until now.

Map of Calabritto

A cousin that found me through Ancestry added me to a group on Facebook for individuals who share a connection to Calabritto. It has been thrilling to read all the comments and see all the photos. The group contains people who have a historical connection as well as people who have a current connection. People are visiting the village today and people who visited a long time ago.

Now the group’s founders have gone a step further with a full website – Our Calabritto Roots.

Looking for a list of surnames? Resources about the village? Photos? Help with your genealogical research? It’s all there. And as more people learn about their connection to Calabritto, the hope is more resources and photos will be added to the site.

I am incredibly thankful to everyone who has contributed to this labor of love. It shows what I have known all along. Our heritage continues to be incredibly important to us. Our roots run deep. And we want to find more of us and connect with each other. We share an ancestral bond that cannot be broken.

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  1. Andrea, thank you for all you do as well! I hope we all continue this journey together and I hope we meet soon.

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