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Italian Jersey Heritage: Patrick O’Boyle

As Italian Heritage Month continues, I would like to recognize a Jersey guy that is making a significant contribution to our culture: Patrick O’Boyle.

Yeah, the name. I know. Stick with me.

Patrick O'Boyle, The Italian American Podcast
The “Notorious POB,” Patrick O’Boyle (source: The Italian American Podcast)

I paid homage to Patrick a few years ago on my other blog, for his contributions. Since then, he has continued to bring important topics to light and is working hard to teach the next generation about what makes us “Italian” as a co-host of the Italian American Podcast.

His last name may be Irish, but trust me, he is a great Jersey Italian guy. And today, everyone in Jersey City will know it.

Patrick has been awarded the Jersey City Italian Man of the Year. He will be honored during the Jersey City Columbus Day Parade down Newark Avenue.

Pat’s contributions preserving and protecting our culture are known on both sides of the Atlantic. So much so, he was knighted as a Knight of the Order of Merit of Savoy, the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, and a Knight Official of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George and the Order’s Vice-Delegate for the United States. This is one of the highest and most prestigious honors one can receive.

The “Notorious POB,” as he is lovingly referred to by his co-host, John Viola, is a wealth of knowledge on multiple fronts. He can dictate Catholic doctrine better than any priest I know. He can find the most obscure biographical information when helping someone research their family history. And quite possibly most of all, is his impressive historical knowledge of the all important “Italian cookie.”

So congratulations to Patrick on this incredibly well-deserved honor!

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