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Genealogy Education: RootsTech 2022

A big part of learning about your heritage is learning about those who came before you. That means entering into the rabbit hole of genealogy.

Many an evening I’ve thought “I just want to check on one thing” and three hours later I’m elbow deep in research. Ancestry is the most well-known site when it comes to genealogy, however, there are several others available. Looking for military records? There’s Fold3. Looking for an old newspaper article? Check out There are also a number of what I would call “general” genealogy sites. One of them in FamilySearch.

FamilySearch is hosting a virtual genealogy conference in March – RootsTech 2022. I signed up and they are hosting a wide variety of workshops and seminars, including several on Italian genealogy. I’ve never attended anything by FamilySearch, so I’m curious how good their programs are. But I’m certainly looking forward to it!

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